We’re happy to provide:

  • Wellness exam for the entire family
  • School and work physicals
  • Prescription renewals
  • “Sick” and urgent need evaluations
  • Referrals to complimentary specialists
  • Referrals for outpatient testing if needed


Chinese herbology is especially sensitive to and effective for womens’ health issues.
Traditional Chinese Medical herbology is a 2,400 year old continuous tradition, with hundreds of years’ worth of clinically proven formulas.  The Eclectic herbal system, indigenous to North America, specializes in finding the specific herbal match for each individual person, as exemplified by herbalists Matthew Wood and Peter Holmes.  It is a bit like flower essence work:  it is more of an art, where the herb is given to support a client who resonates with its herbal ‘signature.’

We Accept:

  • Most insurance
  • Cash payment
  • HSA
  • We also accept barter as payment for services


Homeopathy works to bring out the body’s self-healing ability.  It can create dramatic shifts physically, mentally, and emotionally, especially around issues that seem to be ‘stuck’ or impossible to treat other ways.  You can self treat at home by taking the homeopathics, and you need less sessions to see the improvements you are looking for.’